HeadSeal replacement pair of couplers and seals to fit b and c pipe on the lay z spa Airjet hot tub

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Lay‑Z‑Spa B/C Coupling is a replacement for a missing or broken B or C coupling.. Without a B/C coupling, your Lay‑Z‑Spa will stop circulating water efficiently.


This is because the Lay‑Z‑Spa coupling is used to connect the B or C pipe on a filter pump to the inlet and outlet on a Lay‑Z‑Spa. If your existing B or C coupling is badly damaged, you're likely to notice water drizzling out of the pipes and draining your Lay‑Z‑Spa.


If left too long, this can slow the flow of water and start to affect its cleanliness. This makes the B/C coupling one of the most important Lay‑Z‑Spa parts to have in full working order. As a result, we suggest keeping a couple of couplings as Lay‑Z‑Spa spares.

Lay‑Z‑Spa B/C Pipe Coupling

Bestway part number: P6407

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