How to fit a new impeller to a Lay z spa Airjet egg heater pump

Step 1 

Tip your pump on its back to expose the round base plate

Step 2

Remove the 4 screws from the base and let the base plate drop flat to expose the internal water pump.

Step 3

Locate the White water pump and disconnect the hose clamp and clear pipe.

Step 4

The pump will be attached to the chassis with either a second hose clamp or 2 small screws at either side of the pump

Step 5

Unplug the 2 pin plug from the black transformer

Step 6 

Remove the pump and remove the 6 screws holding the pump body together.

Step 7

Find your Headseal Impeller repair kit and Replace the impeller paying careful attention that the old rubber end caps are removed.

Step 8

Replace the gasket seal.

Due to its oval shape it can take some patients to get it to sit in the recess until you place the lid over the top.

**Please note the 2 smaller seals are not needed if your water pump attached to the heater by a clear hose.**