The first of its kind and by far the best!!

Introducing the EASY-SCALE™ Hot Tub Descaler


Prevent and fix E02, E3, SL and HL errors - quick and simple to use, a fully descaled pump in minutes!


Free Super Fast Shipping; - to Mainland UK and NI. We ship 7 Days a week (usually same day or next morning)

Robust Design - built to last


Lay Z Spa Airjet kit includes spare ABC and spare EASY-SCALE washers - worth £3.95


Full Kit; Descaling solution - instructions - links to instruction videos - excellent after sales service and sound advice


Removes Limescale - for a more efficient, quieter pump


Helps Water Flow - by descaling the pump and significantly improve water flow


Useful for Testing Pumps - During and after repairs - testing used pumps


Future-proof - Fits most makes of inflatable hot tub. If you change your tub, we can supply you a fitting kit to go with it


Incorporated Drain - For ease of use and easy disposal of your descaling solution

Get your EASY-SCALE here

Airjet All models

Hydrojet 2016-2020

Hydrojet 2021 onwards

Wave Spa

Studio Spa

Cosy Spa


Avenli Spa

Dellonda Spa

Halo Spa



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